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365: day 109

Los Angeles So, I have another friend in town while I go to work all week?! But at least when I have friends visiting, I get to go home and play board games all night. Advertisements

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365: day 108

Culver City More gifts from Germany! Super-delicious Hanuta and this insane like outfit-coloring book featuring cool celebs such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, and Ke$ha. Um. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

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365: day 107

Los Angeles The view from my boyfriend’s apartment. This day was too insane to put into words.

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365: day 106

Los Angeles My boyfriend and I trekked over to Eagle Rock yesterday afternoon for the 2 year anniversary party of Eagle Rock brewery. We got awesome commemorative taste glasses, had a bunch of different beers, and basked in the 82 … Continue reading

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365: day 105

Los Angeles My coworker bff and right-hand man has been in Berlin for the past month, leaving me a tad stressed, overworked, and lonely. When I picked him up at the airport this afternoon (!!!), he gave me: a super-creepy … Continue reading

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365: day 104

Los Angeles We had the press preview for our latest exhibit today, the first time I got to see it finished and the first time ever that I saw the other exhibit that will run at the same time. Both … Continue reading

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365: day 103

Los Angeles After such an amazing sunset last night, it was especially awesome to see the sun come back up today. Another early morning at Runyon Canyon may be, yet again, the highlight of my week.

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