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365: day 169

Los Angeles I saw Nick Offerman tonight with special guests Megan Mullally and basically Crucifictorious?! Also Jerry was in the audience. It was aaaaaaaaamazing.

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365: day 168

Los Angeles This was the closest to any visibility we got this morning. It was crazy.

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365: day 167

Culver City This is my current favorite breakfast, even though it looks sort of gross (sorry?): dark chocolate oatmeal with raspberries. Straight from my desk at work.

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365: day 166

Los Angeles So today marks the first day I actually, completely forgot to take a picture all day. So instead, here’s one from my phone. I didn’t have any game apps until last night but now I’m sort of addicted … Continue reading

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365: day 165

Culver City Leftover Indian food for lunch! So delicious.

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365: day 164

Los Angeles The end is finally in sight with my crazy work schedule and that plus daylight savings allowed me to drive home in daylight. It rained this morning, so the air was super-clear and beautiful.

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365: day 163

Palm Springs We went hiking this morning at one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. This is the last photo I took before my camera inexplicably stopped working.

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