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365, 2: day 17

Los Angeles I really went all out this year for Halloween, with a spooky ghost pizza! We also watched Double, Double, Toil & Trouble and then fell asleep during Hocus Pocus.

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365, 2: day 16

Los Angeles My friend who was here this weekend stayed after for a conference, so we met up again tonight at Encounters, something on my LA bucket list.

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365, 2: day 15

Los Angeles Going to work this morning was basically impossible, with this little cat rolling all over my bed and looking at me like this?

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365, 2: day 14

Los Angeles After a late night out, we went to brunch and drank 1000 bottomless mimosas and then came home to cats! So wonderful! Life is the best!

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365, 2: day 13

Los Angeles I got kitties today! So it was obviously the best day of my life. Look forward to a lot more of these guys over the next 352 days.

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365, 2: day 12

Los Angeles My friend arrived this afternoon, so I took a half-day at work. We ate fish tacos, got coffee, walked up to LACMA, saw some art, went to happy hour there, walked back, and went out to a delicious … Continue reading

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365, 2: day 11

Los Angeles We saw Book of Mormon tonight! It was generally fantastic.

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