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365, 2: day 47

Los Angeles I woke up this morning to go hiking and walked out the door into pouring rain. So instead, I hung more lights!

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365, 2: day 46

Los Angeles I made this spicy peanut portabello kale rice bowl, which I’ve been thinking about all week, for dinner tonight, and it was as delicious as I’d been hoping it would be.

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365, 2: day 45

Los Angeles After much discussion and back-and-forth, we decided to get a tree. I found one on Craigslist and picked it up tonight. I’m not really in love with it yet, but it’s fun nevertheless, especially with the 8 billion … Continue reading

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365, 2: day 44

Los Angeles I wasn’t really planning to start decorating yet, but I did and Fim got in on the fun.

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365, 2: day 43

Culver City I returned to LA this morning and was greeted at work with maybe the best birthday card I’ve ever received? (The inside was also covered in glitter, and Ke$ha lyrics.)

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365, 2: day 42

Hinsdale, IL One of two very-special-guests this weekend was my grandmother (the other was my sister’s baby, my nephew), and one of the things we did was go through an old box that had been found in the back corner … Continue reading

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365, 2: day 41

Oak Brook, IL I took a brief trip to the mall today, mostly as an excuse to hang out with my sister. The Paper Source holiday windows continue to captivate and amaze.

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