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365, 2: day 137

Culver City More Twin Peaks at work. I’m so sad I didn’t find out about this retrospective until today, half-way through it.

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365, 2: day 136

Los Angeles Kings v. Redwings. TG hockey is back. Not-TG that the Redwings were winning all game and then lost in the final minutes.

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365, 2: day 135

Los Angeles I woke up early today, relatively recovered, and had a nice, leisurely morning that included making breakfast (before work, which neverrrrrr happens) and eating it over The New Yorker. I could get used to this.

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365, 2: day 134

Los Angeles Ugh I am sick. I we spent the day in bed, watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and organizing my Pinterest boards? Obviously.

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365, 2: day 133

Los Angeles My very first Oscar party, for the winner for best live action short (Curfew!)! Featuring a deer head, duh. Somewhat anti-climactic?

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365, 2: day 132

Los Angeles I spent a nice, quiet day by myself, recovering from all my travels and running around. I made breakfast, went to a movie, went to the gym, and hung out with the cats.

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365, 2: day 131

Los Angeles It’s National Margarita Day! To celebrate both that and finally being home, I made blood orange margaritas and acorn squash goat cheese quesadillas for dinner.

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