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365, 2: day 259

Los Angeles I saw this beautiful mushroom napkin holder at Goodwill today and could not resist, despite the fact that we don’t have napkins to go in it. I decided to use it for mail instead.

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365, 2: day 258

Culver City I scheduled my Whole 30 largely around the graduation party I attended tonight, for one of our interns. And so I drank and ate accordingly (lots of wine and champagne, tortilla chips, and even a really tiny piece … Continue reading

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365, 2: day 257

Los Angeles Back in March, I got a fix-it ticket for having a headlight out. I have hit roadblocks every single step in the process of dealing with the ticket, but I FINALLY got it dismissed this morning. It was … Continue reading

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365, 2: day 256

Los Angeles In the midst of all my work craziness, I also (successfully!!) finished my Whole 30 yesterday! I was too cracked out today to care much, but I did treat myself to a morning in bed with my kitties … Continue reading

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365, 2: day 255

Culver City Our annual report for work is due tomorrow, and this was my very favorite piece of feedback on it. Anyway, we somehow got it done and now I just need this week to be OVER.

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365, 2: day 254

Culver City Pretty designs on our new neighbor’s window. I spent all day at work? So have nothing interesting to show other than this.

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365, 2: day 253

Culver City After staying really late at work, I was all ready to leave when I got trapped by a SKUNK! He was really cute? But I managed to wait him out and sneak home. TG.

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