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365, 2: day 321

Los Angeles We were going to a pub crawl today, but when we got to Santa Monica, I realized that I’d left my wallet in my gym bag this morning. Soo I left my boyfriend with his friends, took the … Continue reading

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365, 2: day 320

Los Angeles After a wayyyy too long day at work, my boyfriend and I made last-minute plans to skip doing nothing / watching The Wire and instead walk up to LACMA to see the James Turrell show (and get a … Continue reading

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365, 2: day 319

Los Angeles The crazy pink sky caught my eye out the window tonight, so I went up to the roof to see it in all its glory.

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365, 2: day 318

Los Angeles Simple pleasures, like my sweet little kitty who has recently taken to sleeping above my head at night.

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365, 2: day 317

Los Angeles Succulents at Home Depot… I went tonight because I signed up for a CSA box this weekend and had to get a copy of my key made for them to deliver it!

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365, 2: day 316

Culver City Dinner with some of my blonde favorites.

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365, 2: day 315

Los Angeles After another all-day shift at the Fiesta La Ballona, my boyfriend and I went to our favorite Mexican place for dinner. Is it really Sunday night already?

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