365, 3: day 72

Hinsdale, IL


We had a great Christmas this year. It started with the scaled-back gifting we’ve been aspiring to for years (I got like literally four things… my big gift was a new suitcase, which I DESPERATELY needed!), followed by Christmas paella and champagne, and then the arrival of my aunt, uncle, and cousins. We played spoons, I made pizza and maple ice cream, and then I stayed up laaate with my uncle and two cousins playing spades and listening to Macklemore?? (they’re from Seattle and like all know him, because that’s how it works??), and then I stayed up even laaaaaaaterrrrr (3 AM late?!) with just my two cousins, drinking wine, and discussing the economy and gay marriage and who knows what else. Since I live far away from all of my family and hardly ever get to see any of them, I really rely on moments like this and am so glad that I get them as often as I do. It was a fantastic Christmas.

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