365, 3: day 105

Los Angeles


Our kitchen is entirely too small, and recently it’s sort of been getting on my last nerve. We’ve talked about getting a butchers block/tiny island of sorts to add to counter space (and, more recently, storage space) since day 1 (which was actually Day 294). We only started looking a few months ago and while we usually have really similar taste and no problem picking things out together, we disagreed about EVERYTHING re: what to do with the kitchen. We even had a pretty tense discussion about it last night (less due to the situation and more due to me being a brat about my work stress). BUT. This morning, my boyfriend gchatted me with a Craigslist link to something that looked like it could work. He went and checked it out, bought it, de-assembled it, brought it home, and RE-assembled it. It’s perfect and I love it so much. Total game changer.

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