365, 3: day 106

Los Angeles


Another view of the butcher’s block/island/whatever we’re calling it. Today was a whirlwind of a day. It started when I woke up at 4:30 and, unable to get back to sleep, did some breakfast prep and internet browsing. At around 7:30, my boyfriend and I bought plane tickets to Europe. At 7:55, I went to go to work. My car, parked on a no parking 8-10AM street cleaning street, would not unlock? After some panicky calls and texts and Googling, I walked up to the garage around the corner and an awesome guy broke into my car for me. Of course, while I was gone, I got a $73 ticket. I took my car to a friend of the awesome guy to be fixed and my co-worker took me to work for a long, sort of insane, but ultimately pretty productive day. I arrived home late to curry in the crockpot, dreamy trip planning, and my beautiful new kitchen addition. (Ugh the only part of it I can’t stand is that box of Bud Lite?? But it was a Packers playoff game purchase for guests, and since we’ve been Whole 30 / Drynuary-ing since then… it remains and has to be put somewhere. If my boyfriend never bought Bud Light again, guests or not, it would be too soon, but alas. Compromise.)

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