365, 3: day 193

Berlin, Germany


After a bit of a jet laggy morning (I was up at 4:30, only to fall asleep again at 8:30, leaving us ready to leave the apartment where we’re staying at close to 11), we met up with my boyfriend’s still-recovering brother for a jaunt around Berlin. He took us all over the place for graffiti, Templehof, Turkish food, a beautiful view of the city, Edeka, Club Mate, and some German lessons. After a late lunch, he left to get some rest and we went to the Boros Sammlung, an amazing contemporary art gallery inside a World War II Bunker. After that, we returned to the Edeka and bought champagne, gin and tonics in cans (I didn’t know those existed outside of Russia?), baguettes, raspberry jam, brie, peppered salami, and hazlenut Rittersport. We brought all of that to the Tiergarten and had a lovely picnic watching the dusk sky and the people around us – a group of bros playing beer pong nearby was the obvious highlight. Then we went to the East Side Gallery, complete with beers I had to buy to break a 5 Euro to get change for the bathroom. We stopped by his brother’s apartment for a bit on our way home, and then decided our picnic was really all the dinner we needed. We drank a bottle of wine back at our apartment with some chocolate covered almonds for dessert and started getting excited for the rest of our trip – we leave for Dresden tomorrow morning!

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