365, 3: day 194

Dresden, Germany


I began today with a solo trip to Karl-Marx-Allee (formerly Stalinallee, that being the reson for my visit) which was really cool and worth getting up early for. My boyfriend and I then headed out to Tegel again to get our rental car, and then it was off to Dresden! We battled HORRIFIC traffic coming in (due to some weird street construction) that backed us up by an hour and totally changed our plan for the day. All I really knew about Dresden was Slaughterhouse Five and DDR stuff, so my mind was pretty blown by the beautiful city we encountered. We went to the German Hygiene Museum, where I first used my German beautifully but then, later, totally mangled it. Today was our (only!!) day of German food: I had a brat for lunch, a hef by the river, and a sausage, pretzel, and beer for dinner – followed by the most delicious apple strudel I’ve had in my life. We spent most of the afternoon just wandering, and marveling, and wishing we’d done more research on the city ahead of time. To close out the evening, we went to Ost-Pol, an East German themed bar and the impetus for moving our entire schedule back a day – we were originally going to be in Dresden Sunday night, which would have meant that Ost-Pol was closed. It was a pretty cool bar, but I was SO SLEEPY and could barely finish my glass of wine before passing out. Needless to say, Dresden blew our expectations out of the water.

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