365, 3: day 195

Prague, Czech Republic


Today was the craziest day of our trip, at least as per the schedule. We woke up early in Dresden, drove to Prague, and then continued onto Vienna for dinner. We had originally planned on just doing a bike tour in Prague, but in our last week in the US, we modified our plans to just spend a few hours wandering and taking the city in. I think this turned out to be the right call, although who can say for sure. Prague in the morning was magical; neither my boyfriend nor I had been terribly psyched for Prague (thus the short amount of time scheduled there), but we were driving RIGHT through it and how could we skip it altogether? Anyway, it far exceeded my expectations. We started by walking up to the palace, which featured a fantastic band (I bought their CD) and even better views (unfortunately, also a Starbucks at the top??). But by the time we got down and ventured to cross the Charles Bridge, it was a MESS with tourists. There were people EVERYWHERE. It reminded me of seeing the Tim Burton exhibit between Christmas and New Years at MoMA. Who even knows how I feel about Prague, because all I can think about are the CROWDS. I also dropped my phone on the Charles Bridge and cracked the screen. We spend about 5 hours in Prague, and then continued onto Vienna, which was significantly less crowded (and cleaner than anywhere we’d been yet, much to the joy of my more-capitalist-than-me-boyfriend). We had a really great dinner of fancy Italian-style pizza, caprese salad, and expensive Italian wine – definitely the most expensive meal yet (and probably overall?) and one we easily could have had in LA. But it was great, and then we wandered around Vienna for the rest of the evening, which was also great. Tomorrow is another sort of crazy day, but then we have THREE nights in Budapest, which I’m very ready for. (Also, due to our crazy schedule, Austria will NOT BE FEATURED AT ALL in a picture?!! Vienna was another, like Prague, stop because it was just SO ON THE WAY… how could we not spend at least a few hours there?)

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