365, 3: day 197

Budapest, Hungary


Today was, for me, one of the more emotionally draining days of the trip. Actually, the only really emotionally draining day to date. We walked all over Budapest, starting with the Great Market Hall and sour cherry pastries for breakfast and then onto the liberty statue, chicken paprika for lunch, the castle, the hospital in the bunker, St. Matthias, the Chain Bridge, parliament, sour cherry and plum cinnamon gelato, St. Stephens. It sounds like so much less listing it out like this. We had a “Budapest Evening Lights” bike tour scheduled (the ONLY thing I’d booked for our entire trip) and the guide ended up being a no-show, at which point I sort of lost it. My total trooper of a boyfriend led us on our own walking city lights tour, which was of course so beautiful. We had dinner at Menza after, a restaurant which several people recommended and that did not disappoint – I got a salad! With spicy, baked goat cheese. It was fantastic, and then I collapsed into bed. We have minimal plans for tomorrow, which is nice. (I mean… “minimal” but still.) (Oh and this picture? The Chain Bridge with the palace in the background.)

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