365, 3: day 199

Krakow, Poland


Our drive between Budapest and Krakow was listed on the internet as being 391 km and taking 5hr 51min. Reading about the drive on the internet last night sort of terrified me… lots of comments about it being a difficult drive, with unsafe conditions (whether that be due to the terrain or the police), etc. It made me think I should have done more research and maybe we should consider something else. The drive ended up being a HUGE highlight. It was beautiful – certainly a bit difficult for my not-usually-stick-driving-boyfriend, but he said he enjoyed the challenge – it was REAL driving. And the scenery could not have been more picturesque. I am completely smitten with Slovakia. I want to come back and spend a week (um or a month, or a year, or a few years) exploring. Prior to this trip, New Mexico was the most magical and enchanting place I’d ever been – the kind of place where every corner you turn presents something beautiful and unexpected. Slovakia has replaced it as number one on my list. We stopped for lunch and a walk around town in Dolný Kubín, which was charming and delightful. And then we got to Krakow at around 4, put our stuff down, and walked into the main old square (pictured). Everyone was out and on vacation for May Day – there were people everywhere and the mood was fantastic. We walked around for a bit, did a vodka tasting (lime mint, wormwood, hazelnut, plum, black pepper, and original???? hazlenut was by FAR the best), got hot wine, ate fancy burgers, walked around a bit more, bought a bottle of wine, and went back to our apartment to end a wonderful first night in Poland. I’m smitten.

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