365, 3: day 200

Krakow, Poland


I began the morning by venturing out for Polish bagels, which we ate on our way to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. The mine was CRAZY… the tour didn’t really explain why it exists the way it does, which is too bad because I still don’t really get it. But it was very cool to see. They had a huge gift shop, a restaurant, and free wi-fi at the bottom, like 600 m underground?? We drove back to Krakow afterwards for pierogies (potato and sheep cheese in one, mushrooms and ground beef in the other) and Polish beer for lunch, and then went on a free walking tour of Old Town. We’d been trying to get into town yesterday in time for the walking tour, but didn’t make it. It’s too bad, because it would’ve been a great intro to the city and now we’re mostly disappointed we don’t have time to go on the Jewish Quarter tour. But anyway… the tour was fantastic. There was some light rain, but nothing bad. We learned a lot of history and saw some very cool stuff. After the tour, we were sort of wiped so we went back to our apartment to figure out next steps. Instead, I looked through the free map we got with the tour – it had recommendations for local places, and I spotted a cafe with free wifi and fruit wine (a huge weakness of mine). So we relocated there, which I’m pretty sure saved the night (otherwise I think we would’ve passed out in our apartment). We each had three glasses of really delicious fruit wine (boysenberry and plum for me, boysenberry being the favorite, and cherry and elderberry for my boyfriend), looked at the map, and made plans. We decided to spread out the six hour drive tomorrow with two stops: a longer one in Wrocław, Poland and a shorter one in Cottbus, Germany. We looked at where we’d been so far. We talked about other places we wanted to go, other trips we’d like to take. The guy working at the cafe alternated between being hilariously uninterested in working and being great, telling us about the fruit wine his grandma used to make. After we had our fill and made our plans, we decided to get Zapiekanka, a popular street bread. We grabbed hot wine to go from another cafe that had become a quick favorite (I think I went there three times in the like 36 hours we spent in Krakow) and ordered our Zapiekanka – half a baguette toasted with mushrooms and cheese and then topped with pretty much whatever else you want. I got bacon and chives and my boyfriend got potatoes and sheep cheese (everywhere) with a like chili topping. It was SO good, especially in the weather that had suddenly turned cold and our hot wine. We saved the insides of the hot wine (apple and orange slices, cloves, cinnamon sticks) and made even more hot wine back at the apartment before drifting off to sleep, visions of a perfect night in Krakow dancing in our heads (ughhhh sorry getting sentimental…).

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