365, 3: day 201

Wrocław, Poland


We got up early and got on the road (after grabbing more Polish bagels for breakfast) to get to Wrocław in time for another walking tour by the same group that led our tour in Krakow. The drive was rainy, but beautiful, and we arrived only a few minutes after the tour started. We had never even heard of Wrocław until seeing it on the map last night, but after reading about it and it’s crazy history… we knew we had to stop. However, it was FREEZING. Like 5 degrees Celsius, which we were definitely not prepared for clothing-wise. So we did about an hour and a half of the tour, but had to break off after that and get indoors (weak Californians that we now are). The city was pretty stunning. We had pizza (more sheep cheese with cranberry, ham, and onions, and I had a glass of wine to try to warm up. Then we got our first, and only, hot chocolate of the trip. It was INSANE – I got dark chocolate with raspberry, and it was basically like drinking melted chocolate. We got back in the car and drove to Cottbus, where we wandered around for about 30 minutes, largely in search of wifi to contact our Airbnb host in Berlin and let her know we’d be there soon (this is definitely a downside of apartments vs. hotels – but Cottbus was adorable and it was a nice, and sort of necessary, stop). We had an apocalyptic two hours getting settled into Berlin, but FINALLY we got our apartment, returned our rental car, and met up with my boyfriend’s brother and the girl he’s dating for hip burgers, walking beers, and a brief tour of the beautiful views of our building. I was feeling pretty sick by the time we got back to Berlin (too much drinking and walking and wine and bread and not enough sleep), so I tried to take it easy and go to bed early… fingers crossed I’ll feel better tomorrow.

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