365, 3: day 202

Berlin, Germany


I thankfully woke up feeling MUCH better this morning, and we took off for Treptow Park. It was so much bigger and crazier than I’d expected and it was one of my favorite things in all of Berlin. We then met up with my boyfriend’s brother again for the Stasi Museum, the Ai Wei Wei show at Martin Grobius Bau, doner kebab, and the Flohmärkte. He then left us to see Topography of Terror. We assumed that would take like 30 minutes, but we ended up being there for two hours. There was so much to read and see, and it was really emotionally draining. Fantastic and totally worth it, but draining. We met up again for dinner at a great Turkish restaurant and then went to an upside down bar (like… chairs and tables upside down on the ceiling). It was really hard to say goodbye, and I’m so NOT ready to leave. Sigh.

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