365, 3: day 203

Berlin, Germany


We had an 8:45 reservation at the Bundestag this morning, our last activity before our flight home. We had failed to really take into account that the roundabout public transit journey there would take around 45 minutes each way, making the morning a bit more stressed and panicked than it should have been. But it was a beautiful day and the building was very cool – a good way to leave the city. We then grabbed our stuff and took a cab to the airport, where we waited for our flight with these insane, fancy chai lattes. We had a short flight to Munich, a very short layover there, and then a loooooong flight to Vancouver. I watched Goodbye, Lenin, slept, and read. I felt pretty terrible when we landed – exhausted and stomach ached, thanks to all the weird plane food – but the Vancouver airport was INSANE. There were waterfalls, jellyfish, tons of art. It was super-crazy. We had another really short layover and, with preclearance customs, just barely made our final flight to LA. But we did, complete with a beautiful view of Vancouver on the way out and a Mt. Hood (I think) sighting. We finally made it home to our sweet, whiny, cuddly cats at around 10 pm. I’m sad our trip is over, but I’m glad to see the end of this day.

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