365, 3: day 285

San Diego


I woke up early to take the train down to San Diego (which yielded much more beautiful photos than this, but oh well). It was my first time on the train and it was great. I read Joan Didion and listened to songs about California and watched the shoreline roll by (also there were bros going to the racetrack and people in zombie costume). I met up with my boyfriend and another friend when I arrived to make our way over to Comicon. It was INSANE… we survived maybe an hour and a half before leaving (pictured) for the (slightly) less-crowded Wired Lounge. When that still wasn’t too much better, we jumped ship altogether for non-Comicon parts of the city. Good drinks, good Mexican food, good company, good karaoke. It was a good day, ended with some more campari at the top of some hotel overlooking the city lights.

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