365, 3: day 355

New Orleans


Where to even begin. We started the say with a delicious breakfast at Mother’s (I had an amazing crawfish étouffée) before heading out the Abita Brewery. It was the shortest brewery tour I’d ever been on, but it was really fun and we got to drink lots of different beers – and when I couldn’t finish mine before we were leaving, I just brought it in the car with me?!! Then we went on a crazy bayou boat tour, full of alligators and wild boars and pelicans. Everyone else took a little afternoon nap, but I got a walking hand grenade (of course) and took that along the Mississippi. We rendezvoused for dinner at a hip, fancy seafood place and then my boyfriend, two of his brothers, and I went to the French Quarter for more hand grenades. At like midnight, we met up with a friend from college?!! He gave us a behind the scenes tour of House of Blues and then we got Boot Pizza?! Which was a major fave last time I was in New Orleans, in 2006. Um so crazy. We got back to the hotel at 3:30 AM?

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