365, 3: day 356

New Orleans


This morning was a little rough, after being up until 3:30. But it started out right with a super-delicious brunch (maybe the best meal of the trip) at …. of an insane duck hash and a few mimosas. After we ate, we went to Frenchmans Alley, which was right around the corner from where our Creole New Orleans bike tour started. We went around an area of the city I’d never been before and learned a lot of really interesting history. And followed along with the Saints game as we passed different bars. (The one pictured is my fave?) Also the bike guide took us into his really amazing house?! We had a giant table full of fancy, crazy flavored pizzas for dinner (my boyfriend’s family totally speaks my language, food wise) and opted for an earlier night as we have early flights tomorrow AM.

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