365, 4: day 354

Los Angeles


I had a solo adventure day, my favorite kind, downtown. I saw the Matthew Barney show at MOCA, browsed stores in Little Tokyo, got a plum strawberry iced tea at a coffee-ukulele store, saw a new branch of the public library (Little Tokyo – it was beautiful), looked (with no results) for witchcraft books at The Last Bookstore, went to three minutes of the Slut Walk, saw the menu exhibit at LAPL, charged my phone there and looked at South American travel books, saw the new Broad and briefly attended a contemporary art coloring book party at another MOCA location, got free hot peppers at Grand Central Market, and sat next to a guy playing super loud music all the way back on the bus. We didn’t eat dinner til 10, among honeymoon day dreaming, and I made it through the first hour of the season opener of SNL. Pretttty good Saturday.

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