365, 5: day 38

Los Angeles


I had a realllly lazy morning and was completely unmotivated to do anything other than lie on the couch and watch TV all day. But I was updating this blog, looking back on what I’d done previous November 21sts, noticing that most of the entries talked about how I spent the last day of my age. And I realized that 30 was such a wonderful, lovely, positive, productive year for me that I didn’t want to end it on the couch. Instead, I took a walk, went to the Craft and Folk Art Museum, walked through LACMA, wandered around Whole Foods, tasted fair-trade quinoa vodka, got groceries at Trader Joes, listened to a bunch of great podcasts, read The New Yorker, and took the bus home. I talked to both one of my BFFs and my sister on the phone for a while and facetimed with another friend. My boyfriend and I had a delicious progressive fake-dinner (brie and spicy jam with crackers, bacon-wrapped dates, roasted cauliflower, a walk to Yogurtland, and wine), played Set, and watched Nathan for You and the beginning of SNL. HBD to me! Thx 30, it’s been good.

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Year Two
Year Three
Year Four

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