365, 5: day 45

Dubuque, IA


There was a lot of debate back and forth whether we should go to Chicago today or stay in Iowa (over Dora Candyland, obviously), and we ultimately decided to go. We stopped at my grandparents’ on the way for a visit and got into town at dinner time, which was delicious leftover curry. My mom, sister, and I did a little shopping after that and then we all went to a cute, hip little wine bar around the corner from my dad’s place. We met up with two of my sister’s friends for champagne, wine, cheese, and maybe the most delicious bruschetta I’ve ever had. Then my parents left and we went to Snickers, this hilarious dive-y bar that was still in River North and so actually pretty expensive ($9.50 cocktails and $7 beers?!), where we played Cheers Governor and giggled, etc.

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