365, 5: day 74

Dubuque, IA


We had a pretty lazy day until this evening, when my baby sister got engaged! To the best guy and it’s all so exciting and great. We were invited over to his place just after, for champagne and a short celebration. My parents and I wanted to go out to dinner after, but it was a Sunday night in Dubuque and the only restaurant that was open that anyone wanted to go to was… obviously the one where my sister and future brother-in-law were headed. So my dad grilled at home and my mom told me, “This is what your whole life would have been like if you were an only child.” My mom and I sat in a room together and sort of chatted, but also just enjoyed our alone time, until my sister came home (?!) and regaled us with all the fun updates. She’s definitely the fun one, so that was a good turn of events. Anyway, yay!! Exciting day.

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