365, 5: day 76

Darien, CT


Today started very early, when I woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. We left the house just after 5, getting through the snow thanks to my sister’s four-wheel drive car. My parents and I mused at the hilarious little Dubuque Regional Airport, and I was so glad for that ease of things once I got to O’Hare and saw giant security lines and people who had been stuck there for 36 hours. I was only delayed for two hours, which was only terrible because I was soooo tired. But I also got to finally eat at Tortas Frontera, so that was amazing! And then, finally, off to White Plaines Airport, the airport of my youth. My boyfriend picked me up and we went for a delicious lunch to celebrate his 30th birthday, where I had three (!) glasses of white wine and an amazing salmon BLT. Then I chatted with his brothers and dad a little before dinner, more chit chat, and bed.

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