365, 5: day 77

New Canaan, CT


I went to Uncle’s Deli, a local spot I’d grown up hearing about but never actually going to, for a delicious breakfast sandwich this morning before my boyfriend and I met up with one of my best friends to go to Grace Farms, a new “community space” that recently opened down the street from where I grew up. It was suuuuper foggy, which only added to the very weird vibe. But it was also beautiful and so weird and spooky and cool. We did a crazy tea tasting, ran into a childhood friend of my boyfriend’s who lives in LA, got lunch (the most delicious tomato roasted red pepper soup), and wandered the property. I was so glad my friend was there, because it would have been impossible to explain later. Then my boyfriend and I drove through my high school and by my old house – also so weird – and went back to his house for some wedding talk and a lovely dinner party.

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