365, 5: day 79

Providence, RI


Happy 2016! We roasted broccoli for breakfast before heading out to explore Providence a little bit. We walked up to Brown, the Capitol building (SO cool), and around downtown. We had the most delicious lunch of meatballs, tomato soup with coriander, and pizza (half margarita with arugula and half braised short ribs with purple potatoes, bleu cheese, onions, and sprouts, which was so crazy and good?!), and I had a local Providence beer (my last for a while!). We drove back to Connecticut to arrive at my boyfriend’s house in time for takeout Thai food and Joy (the movie), which was … fine? Then we packed, drank some wine, and went to bed relatively early. I’m sad vacation is over and there are a million people I would’ve liked to see and things I would’ve liked to do in the CT/NY area but I’m also really excited to get back to my little apartment, my cats, my routine, my food, etc.

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