365, 5: day 116

Santa Clara


The Super Bowl! Honestly, I was really hesitant to come, because I was in my nesting groove, I was excited about a quiet weekend at home and eating well and not spending money, I so didn’t care about this game, it seemed like such effort, etc. And, duh, it was an awesome day and I’m so glad we came. Getting down to Santa Clara was a breeze, as was getting into the game (as opposed to the only other Super Bowl I’ve been to, which was a nightmare), and we had a great time wandering the grounds before it started. They brought out all of the MVPs before the game (including Aaron Rodgers!), which was really cool, and Brett Favre came out later per his recent Hall of Fame induction. All around awesome day! (Plus we stayed in Chinatown, so I got some good Lunar New Year celebration observing done before we headed out in the morning, and we arrived back in LA at around 1:30 AM without too much trouble!)

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