365, 5: day 129

Los Angeles


Today was pretty crazy! I woke up at 5:30 to be on set (ugh, lol) at 6:30. They’re filming some scenes from one of my favorite TV shows at one of our work buildings, and I spent the morning there as a site rep. I know, intellectually, what goes into filming TV and movies, but it’s still so crazy to see it in action, and I missed most of the actual excitement. I left just after noon because we had Rain Room tickets! The Rain Room was very cool, although we probably didn’t need to spend as much time there as we got (plus art majors in dramatic outfits). We also saw the second installment of the contemporary Middle Eastern art collection, as well as some awesome video art. I still feel not-great, so I decided to skip evening plans and have a quiet night at home – definitely the right call.

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