365, 5: day 249

Burlington, VT


After a bit of a rough morning with our friends (because of hangovers, not because of friends), my boyfriend and I set out for Burlington, VT. We had a little technology moment when the GPS directed us to a ferry crossing, but luckily the ferry was actually super easy and super beautiful (not to mention the stop was right by an ice cream place so I got a maple milkshake!). I was already completely smitten with Lake Champlain, and Burlington sealed the deal. We’d booked a sunset schooner trip, without even factoring in that it was solstice eve. I cried like 8 times because of how beautiful everything was?! We made friends with the other people on the boat (except the crazy crystal people from LA, of course), drank rosé, watched the sun set and the moon rise, and had the most magical time. Afterwards, we went to dinner at a local, farm-to-table place – the one that was recommended to us as being reasonably priced… they had a $19 burger on the menu?! We walked back to our cute AirBnb, where there was a cat waiting to hang out with us! Perfect end to a perfect day.

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