365, 5: day 250

Shelburne, VT


I woke up early this morning to take a walk and spend more time at City Market/Onion River Co-op, possibly the most amazing place I’d ever been. Among the amazing discoveries: 8 kinds of kombucha on tap, info on the maple syrup grade changing (as a Grade B devotee who was out of the loop, this was really valuable information for me), and an entire wall where you could bring your jars and re-fill detergent, soap, etc. Burlington is heaven, which was only further confirmed by our trip to Shelburne Farms. We’d been planning to spend around an hour there and ended up spending much of the day. The property was beautiful, we met a really interesting cheesemaker, ate an amazing all local lunch, saw some animals, road a tractor, went to the inn on the lake (that had an amazing library), tasted cheese and jam and maple things, and I never wanted to leave. We finally did, to drive up to the top of Mount Philo (it was supposed to be a hike but we spent too long at the farm) for our last panoramic views of Vermont, before a generally lovely drive back to Connecticut. It was still light when we arrived in New Canaan at 8, for a beautiful solstice dinner with my middle school best friend at my lifetime favorite pizza place and then a quiet night at my boyfriend’s parents house with wine, Alexa, and Silicon Valley.

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