365, 5: day 254

Nantucket, MA


I took a short walk around Beacon Hill this morning (where we were staying), which was supposed to be quaint and idyllic, except it was trash day so the narrow sidewalks were full of bags of trash. I also got my first chai latte (iced) of the year! We then went to pick up my best friend and his boyfriend, whom I met for the first time, and after a little bit of freaking out about the time on my part, we were on our scheduled ferry and off to Nantucket! We got settled in and headed to my favorite ACK destination, the Gazebo bar, followed by Vineyard Vines and Provisions (all the Nantucket hotspots, basically). I went for a really necessary run, which was a great way to see more of the island, even though I got a littttle lost. And then we went to the Whaling Museum for my friend’s welcome party! It was awesome to see her and her almost-husband, her amazing mother, and the beautiful rooftop view of the island. Plus more rosé and a post-party dance afterparty with tons of T.Swift.

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