365, 5: day 295

Milwaukee, WI


We got up at 5am this morning to be on a 6:10 train to Milwaukee. The train ride was uneventful, and we got to town just as the courthouse opened. We got a rushed marriage license in 24 minutes, door to door?! We then met up with my mom and sister (!) for a couple of last minute errands, Indian buffet, and nails. My sister and manicurist peer pressured me into getting gel nails, and then I had to speak up to request even more glitter for them. And I went for a much-needed run at the fitness center. Then, we went to Braise, where my boyfriend and I were hosting dinner for our immediate families. We’d never been there before and planned the whole thing online, but it was the perfect venue with delicious food and drinks, and we had the nicest time. We mingled, our siblings met each other, we had cocktails, people made toasts, people seemed to enjoy the playlist that I’d made taking us through the decades (beginning in the 1960s and ending in the 2000s) and we were treated to a late-night rainstorm that cooled everything down. We went from dinner to the Miller Time Pub at the hotel, drinking way too much but closing out a lovely first night of wedding weekend!

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