365, 5: day 296



We started the morning with a walk-through of the reception venue, and it was totally breathtaking! It all came together. Almost right when we got back, my bff got into town, followed by another one, and then we went to the airport to pick up yet another one. We had a delightful Indian-buffet-second-day-in-a-row, with my best friends and my family. It was so wonderful. I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum with my friends and then met up with my mom and sisters to do a trial hair run. I was very nervous about getting my hair done (I’ve never had anything other than bad experiences with it), but the woman was great and made it look not-crazy. The rest of the night was a complete whirlwind. We went to our rehearsal, which was fine but way too long, but that was expected so oh well. And then to the amazing party that my future in-laws planned. I had almost nothing to do with it, so much of it was a complete surprise to me. The space was beautiful, the views were amazing, the weather was perfect, and all my people were there! It was completely overwhelming and magical to see everyone, including some lovely toasts by family friends and best friends. When we finally returned to the hotel, we closed down their bar before heading up into a friend’s hotel room with a random assortment of various LA friends and my uncle?! I ended the night in my former coworker bff’s room with him and his husband (my real marriage inspiration, if we’re being totally honest) and finally made my way back to my room at 3:30?! And we haven’t even seen everyone yet!

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