365, 5: day 297



Um so what a day. I woke up early to get my hair done, again with my sisters and mom. When we returned, some of my friends stopped by my parents suite and my sister did my makeup. All I wanted was to have a chill morning with my friends and family, so this time was really perfect. BUT all I DIDN’T want was to feel sequestered away, and I got really antsy knowing that like almost all of my favorite people in the world were in one city and I was stuck in a hotel room as to not mess up my hair and from people trying to give me space. So once my friends left for brunch, I headed out on my own trying to find people to hang out with. Instead, I ended up wandering around the city on my own for 45 minutes or so. Just enough to mess up my hair a little. Oh well. My mom picked up Potbellys, my cousin stopped by, the florist arrived, our coordinator and photographer arrived, more of my friends came by, and then like that we were off, just us and the photographer. We went to the River Walk and took photos there before meeting up with our parents and siblings at the Milwaukee Art Museum for more pictures. I’ve had mixed experiences with wedding photos, but our photographer was really phenomenal. It was quick and painless, even a little fun? We got to the church at the same time as our extended families, which was overwhelming and amazing and so exciting. The ceremony, a receiving line that felt endless but actually only took 30 minutes, James Bond theme songs and an accordion player at the cocktail hour-and-a-half, dinner with the most amazing toasts by my dad and sister and now brother-in-law, and dancing all night. The photo booth, the dance party, being completely surrounded by everyone I love. It was magical. My best friend’s boyfriend surprised us with La Hora Loca, a Venezuelan wedding tradition I learned about six weeks ago and have been obsessed with ever since. And my college roommate forced us to do the Hora, while wearing Cheeseheads. I did the Macarena with almost everyone I know, which is the only wedding dream I had growing up. We closed down the reception with my freshman year dorm-mates, which felt exactly perfect. There was an after party at the hotel that flew by, and we went up to our room after that to find a bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries from the hotel, which we took up to my little sister’s room and enjoyed with a hilarious assortment of people: one of my cousins, one of my second cousins, my sister and three of her best friends, my new brother-in-law (who is celebrating his birthday!), and my now-husband’s cousin. And my aunts somehow came by the room at 4am with beer and snacks and we eventually had to leave at 4:30, because we have to be up in 3 hours, and my voice is completely gone, and what an absolutely perfect day.

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