365, 5: day 298



I somehow made it through today, despite a combined 8 hours of sleep over the last three days. I slept about 3 hours last night and could barely speak, but I made it down to breakfast to begin the overwhelming process of saying goodbye to everyone. Some of my best friends stayed in town a little later, and once my family left town, I went out to lunch with the remaining three friends (my brand new husband slept, duh). When they left, I decompressed at the hotel and watched all of my snaps and looked at other social media. Then he woke up and we went out to the most amazing dinner, at the restaurant at the hotel where we had our Friday night party. Amazing cocktails, delicious pizza, a beautiful evening in the Third Ward. It was perfect. We walked back to the hotel, visited another friend of mine from high school who was still in town, opened cards, and actually stayed up until 11:45?! This weekend couldn’t have been better, but I’m also completely exhausted.

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