365, 5: day 300



We had another delightful lazy morning, followed by kayaking on the Milwaukee River (continuing our Summer of Boats)! I haven’t kayaked in over ten years, and I figured it would be casual paddling, but turns out it’s actually a lot of work! I got the hang out if after a while, and we had a nice trip up and down the river, getting back just in time to meet up with my mother! We got lunch at Honey Pie and then drove down to Chicago, meeting up with my dad for some catch-up, champagne, and dinner at Girl and the Goat, which was pretty phenomenal. My mom and I drank wine on the beautiful roof of my dad’s apartment while he and my new-husband smoked cigars outside, before we all reunited to argue about socialism, drink more, and eat the pies we’d brought back from Honey Pie.

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