365, 5: day 318



We got up at 5am and got over to O’Hare for our short, uneventful flight to Detroit. We were originally planning to go to the Detroit Institute of Art, but by the time we got there, it was late enough that we just admired it briefly from the outside. We visited my birth home, and we timed the drive from there to the house where my mother-in-law grew up – 59 seconds?! Then we went to a beautiful park on Lake Saint Clair for a delightful picnic and lots of family time, which was particularly nice because I didn’t get to actually talk to anyone at our wedding. We got caught in a giant thunderstorm, which I always love, and then had a few hours of quiet downtime at an aunt’s house. And then we went to a Tigers game, which was really fun and the stadium was amazing (and, as badly as I would like to have GP represented on here, this picture just couldn’t be beat). And then we trekked up to Saint Clair (with an important pit-stop for wine), which was not close, but our hotel is really fun. We spent a few hours hanging out in our room with two of my newly minted brother-in-laws, who are always delightful.

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