365, 5: day 359

Culver City


I skipped my hike this morning after a restless night sleep. My computer at work died a few weeks ago, and I’ve been avoiding setting up my new one because I’ve been so annoyed about it. But I sucked it up this morning and got pretty far with it, which is a good feeling as much as I stubbornly don’t want to admit it. And, since I didn’t go hiking this morning, I went to the stairs after work. Not as great of a workout, but the view and air and sky and temperature were all absolutely perfect. It was the most gorgeous night. I didn’t even listen to a podcast – I probably should have listened to nothing, but instead I listened to the only two things I’ve been listening to lately: the new Solange and Bon Iver. We then went downtown for a friend’s birthday and delicious tacos!

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