365, 6: day 9

Los Angeles


I took both a run and a walk through my neighborhood this morning in order to admire all of the Halloween decorations (this house was my favorite). And then, a much-anticipated event, Patti Smith and Bon Iver at the Bowl! (I forgot my camera, so all of my pictures from it are terrible.) It was raining and we missed the beginning of Patti Smith because we had to get our tickets from a never-ending will call line, but it was still fantastic. She was SO amazing and I could have listened to her perform forever. She even improvised some lines about it raining in Los Angeles. And Justin Vernon was a dream, of course. He wore a Cubs hat and performed his entire new album, plus some older stuff, and it was so dreamy and beautiful. (Plus like half of LA was there and people around us kept getting into fights?! So weird.)

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