365, 6: day 62

La Paz, Bolivia


We arrived in La Paz at around 6am. We had quite the adventure getting to the hotel, but we made it, dropped our bags off, and headed out for breakfast. Crossing streets was terrifying, and we were exhausted and the walk was waaay more exhausting than I thought it would be (thanks, altitude), but it is also so exciting and wonderful to be here. After eating, we got into our hotel room, which has an amaaaazing view, for a few hours of napping, and then we headed out to the yellow line of the cable car, the public transit system in La Paz (!!). The walk there was completely uphill, and totally exhausting, but the ride was soooo beautiful and magical. We got out at the top for an extraordinary view, and had the car to ourselves for the second half of the ride back down. I finally got to practice some Spanish in a cab to Mirador Killi Killi, where we were treated to yet another fantastic view of the city and a man carving and selling little llama whistles! And then we went to a traditional Bolivial restaurant, Luciernegas, for a delicious (and HUGELY portioned) dinner. I really wanted a glass of wine at this point, but we held off to better acclimate to the altitude. We were cold and exhausted after this, so we went back to the hotel for an early night.

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