365, 6: day 63

La Paz, Bolivia


We started today with a walking tour – we’d meant to go on a group one, but somehow ended up scheduling a private one. Our guide was great, and I was feeling way more adjusted to the time and altitude and everything than yesterday. She took us to a salteñeria for a salteña, to Mira Flores, San Francisco Church, the Witches’ Market, the government square, and Calle Jaen. She also offered to put us in touch with a tour company for the Salt Flats. We tried to get money and to go to a museum, and both endeavors failed and we ended up back at our hotel for a troubleshooting break, before returning to the Witch Market to wander around on our own. I got some ice cream, which I’d been craving, and then we went over to another part of town for a much-anticipated dinner at Gustu. We were feeling good enough that we made the ill-fated decision to have some drinks. We started at a silly bar called Risky Business, where I got a singani (a Bolivian spirit!) with ginger ale and muddled lime (house recommendation). Then we went to Gustu, which was beautiful and delicious and amazing – we did the tasting menu, which came paired with drinks and contained so many delicious and crazy things. Next was the Casa Grande Hotel roof bar, where I ordered “un vino tinto de Bolivia con peqeñas frutas,” which resulted in a really good glass of wine. And, finally, we used the drink tickets given to us by our hotel to get a nightcap at the hotel. And I thought all was well and good, until I spent the rest of the night vomiting and thinking I was going to die…

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