365, 6: day 64

Uyuni, Bolivia


So, I had a really rough night. At first I thought I might have food poisoning or some insane illness, but at some point I realized that it must be a combination of alcohol + altitude. Fortunately, the vomiting stopped somewhere around 5am, but I felt maybe the worst I’ve ever felt in my life today. The good news is that we really had very little planned for the day, so I didn’t sacrifice much in the way of vacation fun. The bad news is we had to get to the airport and fly to Uyuni, where we arranged for our tour (thanks to our lovely tour guide in La Paz, this actually ended up being way less complicated than we had anticipated). I napped, drank tons of coca tea and water, and generally tried to will myself back into existence. We ventured out for pizza for dinner, which somehow seemed like the only thing I could stomach. We went to a place founded by a Bostonian, the power went out while we were waiting for our food, and they brought candles to our table, NBD, and it came back on about 10 minutes later. I finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and went to bed, hoping for a better tomorrow…

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