365, 6: day 65

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia


I woke up this morning feeling worlds more alive than I had the day before, but still weak and shaky, and my unsettled stomach and queasiness lasted all day. But, TG, I felt ready and a nervous excited-ness to begin our journey on the Salar de Uyuni. This is definitely the most adventurous part of our trip, with the most unknowns, and we’d both felt apprehensive about it. But Day One was smooth sailing! We met our fellow tour-ers, a lovely couple from Australia, and we somehow ended up with a not-full car, which was a great surprise. There was a lot of getting in and out, seeing crazy things along the salt flats, and I felt pretty bad the whole time. But it was spectacular, and there were some long stretches in the car (to a soundtrack of One Direction, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers??) that helped nurse me back to health. We spent the entire day in the salt flats, which were magical and seemed to go on forever. It was so hot, and I worried that I definitely didn’t pack appropriately. I also didn’t really heed sunscreen warnings and got very burnt. We ate a very good lunch (quinoa, cucumbers, meat – “not llama”, and avocado! with watermelon for dessert!) in the middle of the salt flats, with no other cars or tourists around. Our guide is great and our driver seems nice. We ended the night watching sunset over the salar and then going to a salt hotel, where we had heat, our own room, and the promise of a hot shower in the morning?! We ate delicious vegetable soup, garlic bread, potatoes, and chicken for dinner, and discussed Christmas traditions in our respective homes. I’m so relieved, encouraged, dazzled, happy, etc.

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