365, 6: day 66

Cañapa Lake, Bolivia


Was today the most magical day of my life? There is a decent chance yes. I felt fine when I woke up, that feeling when you are finally getting over a cold, to a rooster crowing in the distance! And we looked out our window to find that we were staying on Avenida 6 de Agosto (we were also a block away from this street in La Paz), which is our wedding anniversary slash Bolivian Independence Day. I actually got my shower con auga caliente, we had breakfast, and then we were off. We spent a lot of day in the car driving, with no roads and crazy terrain, and it was today that I started to really appreciate our driver. We saw the craziest, most beautiful, insane, weird things. We saw a million flamingos, and ate lunch in yet another spectacular place, with no one else anywhere near us other than an aggressive Andean gull and a scheming vizcacha. We also saw a zorro andino (a local fox!) on our drive away from lunch, and a smoking volcano, and a crazy colored lagoon, and I had to keep reminding myself to pause from the photos and just take it all in because it was so beautiful and amazing and magical. We had an early night in, where we played Uno and bundled up to sleep at our highest elevation with no heat, although the conditions were still way more comfortable than the internet had led me to believe.

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