365, 6: day 69

Santiago, Chile


We had a low-key morning in Atacama, breakfast at the hotel, packing up, enjoying one last outdoor shower, and wandering around town. We went to a fancy, delicious lunch at Le Estaka, where I had curry de pollo (served in a coconut on a bed of salt?!) and my first pisco sour – this one aji verde, which was soooo good and refreshing. We took a bus to Calama, which looked just like driving to Palm Springs, and we had an uneventful flight to Santiago (mostly thanks to the addictiveness of Harry Potter, all this transiting is very pleasant). We landed at around 9:30pm to bright daylight, which I was not expecting, but was magical. And even though I so enjoyed all of the amazing nature we saw, it was exciting to be back in a city. Santiago was buzzing and the location recommendation from my friend put us in a super fun neighborhood. We got settled into our Airbnb (pictured is the view from the window) and wandered around to find somewhere for dinner. We embraced the solstice vibes and got a bottle of Chilean rosé and outdoor seating. We wanted to get ice cream for dessert, but the place inexplicably closed at 10?! Which meant we had a nice, early night, in preparation of a big day of sightseeing tomorrow.

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