365, 6: day 74

Elqui Valley, Chile

We tried to go to Pablo Neruda’s house this morning, but it was super crowded after not being open for days, and the wait was too long. Instead we admired the grounds and I tried to make friends with the cats, mostly unsuccessfully. We spent most of the day in the car, driving up to the Elqui Valley. It was a long travel day, but it was beautiful. The last hour or so was spent driving from La Serena on windy two-lane roads through the mountains. At one point, we got stuck as a giant heard of goats took over the street! It was so beautiful and magical. I had spent a bunch of the drive thinking that this part of the trip wasn’t worth it, that we should have just stayed in Valparaíso, but once we arrived in the valley and to the domes where we were staying, I knew we’d made a good decision. We ate dinner at the domes, the only people in their restaurant. They have a pre fixe menu, seemingly all cooked and served by one amazing, adorable woman. We started out with a frozen pisco sour, which was fantastic, and then a mixed salad, a fish dish with quinoa and mushroom sauce, and some canned fruit for dessert (which I skipped…). Then we retired to our dome, to sleep under the stars?! Which was as magical as it sounds.

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