365, 6: day 77

Santiago, Chile

Today is our last day in South America, and I’m so sad about it. We started the day by taking the funicular up San Cristóbal and walking down, with a trip on the cable car in between. So much of this trip was spent in clean, clear nature that all of the city smog was a bit jarring. After leaving the park, we were so hungry and we accidentally had a super-indulgent, continued birthday celebration lunch. I had amazing hake, two pisco sours, a glass of wine, and a berry tart! We had planned to go to the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, but when we got there, we discovered that it closed early for New Years (… even though it was the 30th…). I’d really been looking forward to going, so it was a frustrating discovery. Instead, we wandered around Museum Park, sat in Parque Forestral, and got one last pisco sour (mine was with cinnamon, clove, and anise?!) before heading to the airport for our late-night flight back to the US. I never want to leaveeeee.

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